Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks are mainly used for storing longer, more awkward loads that cannot be stored on traditional racks. Long loads that will be stored on cantilever racks include pipes, trusses, timber, rebar, etc.

Pacific Steel offer a wide selection of cantilever racking solutions that are sure to fit your load. In fact, no matter what you are storing, we’ve got your racking needs covered.

When stacking the stock on the floor, it would take up a significant amount of space and the goods will have to be stacked quite high, which would increase the risk of it toppling over and getting damaged, or worse, injuring an employee. Some goods such as pipes are also round which makes them extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stack on top of each other. This is why you need Pacific Steel and our range of cantilever racks.

Cantilever racking incorporates uprights which are secured into a strong base with arms and braces that are designed to store long load items. The arms of the cantilever racks extend from the braces which form open shelves that can easily accommodate long, large or bulky items that are difficult to store. This allows you to capitalise on all three dimensions of storage space and to avoid wasting space or increasing the risk of injuries in the work place.


  • Cantilever racking is fairly easy to install and change as you need to. All you have to do is adjust the height of the arms.
  • You can store a wide variety of loads on cantilever racks because they are extremely customisable.
  • Quick and easy adjustment means that the handling time of the goods by your employees will be shortened which will increase their productivity.
  • The stock is more accessible.
  • Your stock will take up the least amount of storage space possible.
  • You can store objects that are extremely long such as a few meters of pipe.
  • The arms on the cantilever racks are extremely rigid and they can handle very heavy loads.
  • The loads become easily accessible to your forklifts because the forks can simply be placed under the load and the load can be picked up, the driver doesn’t have to worry about shelving or pallets getting in the way.

When it comes to racking, you don’t want anyone other than Pacific Steel to handle your projects. With years of experience and expert customer service, there isn’t a racking need that we can’t satisfy.